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    China's best foreign trade toy factory, workers work 11 hours, knitting people they don't know
    What kind of insulating cup is the healthiest? How to choose a good insulating cup?
    How to choose and buy insulating cups? What kind of material has a good thermal insulation? Consumers often have to pay attention to not only look at the appearance or name, but also pay attention to other details in order to buy a good quality insulation cup.
    How to choose a suitable night light?
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    1. Soft light First of all, in the choice of lights, try to choose soft and non-dazzling types, such as autumn yellow, Milky white. Qualified products are also important for regular merchants.2. Use time For children, it is suggested that the frequency and time of using night lights should be gradually reduced after the baby is 3 years old, and the children should gradually adapt to sleeping without lights. Time: It's better to turn it on before falling asleep and turn it off after falling asleep; if you wake up, turn it off after falling asleep again, so as to avoid long night opening.
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